2014.05.27 12:00

COM Mini English Lesson #087


com mini lesson

2014 to be the best year ever

The Internet says 2014 will be the best year ever for most of us. This year will be when we all make progress with our plans. We will finally get around to doing things we kept putting off. In particular, it is the perfect year to exercise and get in shape. It is also the right time to eating healthier food. The Internet also found that in 2014 we will help other people, especially people we do not know. Millions of people do not have enough food and the water they drink is often not clean. Many children cannot go to school or get medicine when they are sick. This year we will help these people more.

The Internet also hopes for happier news stories. People are tired of war, killing, bombs and bad leaders. We can all help to make news stories happier. We can do small things to make the world better. We can change our lifestyle to help the environment - recycle more and use electricity less. We can also do voluntary work in our local community. This will help the volunteers and the projects they work with. Some of our biggest problems are because of world leaders who care more about their own power than their people. The Internet could help us to change these leaders.



Sources: The Internet & Breaking News

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