2016.05.31 12:00

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French cleaners scrub off street art

Citizens of Reims in northern France have lost a brand new artwork commissioned for the town, after the anti-graffiti squad scrubbed it off.

The town hall commissioned a street art mural by the country's top graffiti artist, C215, showing a sulking boy slumped against a wall. But there was a slight hitch - the town's cleaning department were not told not to remove it.

C215, whose real name is Christian Guemy, seemed quite relaxed about it. The artist told AFP news agency what surprised him was that it was cleaned up by the same city that commissioned him. The town hall had apologised, he said.
C215は本名をChristian Guemyといいます。自分の作品が消された話を聞いても落ち着いていました。彼はAFP通信の取材に対し、彼に壁画を依頼したのも、消してしまったのも同じランス市であったことに驚いたと語ったそうです。市は彼に謝罪しました。

Taken from BBC news: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-35682349

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