2017.02.28 12:00

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Chinese police force drivers to stare into car’s high-beams headlights as punishment

Inconsiderate drivers who blind others with their high-beam headlights are getting a taste of their own medicine in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen.

Traffic police have taken the unusual measure of forcing the drivers to sit in a chair and look directly into the glare of a vehicle’s headlights for a full 60 seconds.

In a post to the Chinese social media website Weibo, a gentleman is seen enduring the punishment by sitting on a stool directly in front of a police car’s headlights.

As The BBC reports, offenders are also made to pay a fine of 300 yuan (approximately $60 Canadian) if they’re caught violating traffic rules by blinding other motorists on the road.

Surprisingly, the unorthodox punishment has reportedly received generally positive feedback. An online poll conducted by the Chinese news site Sina found that over 90 per cent of those polled approved of the punishment.

from https://ca.news.yahoo.com

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