2017.04.25 12:00

COM Mini English Lesson #226


com mini lesson


How do you say this in English? Well, there are several ways which you may have heard of.

  l. You’re welcome.
  2. (It’s) my pleasure.
  3. Don’t mention it.
  4. Not at all.

There is another phrase which is now quite popular, and that is:
     • No problem.
It is often used in more casual situations, but be careful; there are some people who dislike the phrase, so you may want to avoid using it.
No problemはくだけた表現としてよく使われますが、この言い方を嫌う人たちもいまので、気をつけましょう。

There is another phrase which is very popular in Australian English.
     • No worries.
You will often hear this if you go ‘down under’*
No worriesはオージー英語でよく使われます。みなさんがdown under*に行けばよく耳にすると思います。

          * ‘Down under ‘ is the nickname for Australia.
          * Down underはオーストラリアのことです。イギリスから見て地球の真裏にあるからです。

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