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Snake eats wallaby on Australian golf course

Australian golfers have watched a 4m scrub python swallow a wallaby at a course in Far North Queensland. The incident happened on the 17th fairway at Paradise Palms Golf Course in Cairns at the weekend. The scrub python, Australia’s longest snake, often ambushes prey by hiding in trees of long grass. A course manager said the display did not deter golfers from finishing their rounds.

Robert Willemse, a club member for almost 10 years, said the snake was spotted wrapped around the marsupial in the middle of the fairway. “Everybody was pretty surprised. It’s quite an unusual thing to see, “ he told the BBC. “I was only there for about five minutes, but I heard that the snake did manage to swallow the wallaby and rolled into a dry creek.”

A club spokesman told the Cairns Post newspaper that locals were used to seeing various wildlife on the “rainforest-style” course.

オーストラリアはファー・ノース・クイーンズランドのゴルフコースで、体長4メートルの巨大なニシキヘビがワラビーを飲み込むところをゴルファーたちが目撃しました。この事件が起こったのはケアンズのパラダイス・パームス・ゴルフコースの17フェアウェーでした。週末のことです。このニシキヘビ(scrub python)はオーストラリアで最長の蛇で、しばしば木の陰や伸びた草に潜んで獲物を待ち伏せします。ゴルフコースのマネージャーによると、この事件があったからと言って、ゴルファーたちにラウンドをやめさせないで続けさせた。



Source :http://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-38284948

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