2018.02.27 12:00

COM Mini English Lesson #266


com mini lesson

「~以上 」の表し方

There are various ways of translating this in to English. A common mistake is the use of ‘more than’, ‘over’ or ‘above’ with the same number.

英語には「~以上」の表現がいろいろあります。数字の前にmore than, over, aboveを入れてしまうのは間違いです。

For example, 「10人以上」could mean 10, 11, 12, 13, etc. However, ‘more than ten people’ means 11, 12, 13, etc.

たとえば日本語で「10人以上」は10人,11人,12人,13人・・・を表しますが、more than ten peopleは11人,12人,13人・・を表します。10人は入りません。

For this example, one correct translation is ‘Ten or more people’. Of course, if you want to use ‘more than’, then you could say ‘more than nine people’.

「10人以上」を英語で言うと、‘Ten or more people’となります。more thanを使いたい場合はmore than nine peopleと言うこともできます。

 “You must be 15 or over to watch this movie.”

 “If there are 7 or more children, another staff member must be present.”

 “Items weighing 15 kilograms or above are put in this container.”

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